Pouline Middleton is an acclaimed writer. She has written a number of novels in Danish and one of them has been translated into English. She has also contributed to a couple of anthologies, she has edited a couple of books and she has worked on a number of film, tv-series and web stories.

In each story Pouline Middleton grapples with the many opportunities and challenges of modern life. The novel One Woman Three Men is about replacing the traditional relationship with a three men model: one to talk to, one to have sex with and one to help with practical stuff. In the novel Go for Gold a young Danish woman learns how to make it in a foreign culture, whether the culture is in Hong Kong or in Søborg, Denmark.

Novels and a Handbook

  • One Woman Three Men (DK: 2010) (US: 2016)
  • Traces of Longing (2014)
  • Go for Gold (2002)
  • Seven Paths to Love – a Handbook (DK: 2014 ) (US 2016)

Film, TV and Internet Productions

  • Co-delevelops the script for a tv-series based on the novel One Woman Three Men, for the US market (2017- now)
  • The script for a tv-series based on the novel One Woman Three Men, developed with producer Camilla Oppenhejm (2013-14)
  • Script for at  Feature Film based on the novel One Woman Three Men, developed  with the English film company AMC Pictures (2011)
  • Producer on the start up of the digital storytelling Cloud Chamber, which got nominated for the Power to the Pixel award in London 2011. Producer: Vibeke Windeløw, director: Christian Fonnesbech.
  • Script for a webisode series based on the novel One Woman Three Men, developed  with Oscar Film and the director Kari Vidø. The project received a development grant from New Danish Screen, The Danish Film Institute (2012)
  • Writer and producer of the first Danish blog novel www.enkvindetremaend.dk The blog novel was published from april 10th to June 25th 2010. Then the book came out in print and as an ebook with a reprint six months later.
  • Script for a Feature Film for young adults and their parents about the cold war called My Spy (2003) The project was further developed with producer Gina Fegan, Pinewood Studios, England (2010)
  • The Script for a Feature Film about a 14 year old girl who is forced to take part in the beauty contest that her mum won as a teenager called Beauty and the Island (1999)
  • The Script for an Animated Feature Film about how knowledge is stores as highrises inside the heads of four children who need to cooperate to solve a crime called Hovedstad (The Capital) (2001)
  • Scripts for a number of episodes of the tv-series White Lies that was broadcast on TV3 (1998)


  • Next Step, Woman (2010) Ed. by Christina Wex
  • Fem@il (2000) ed. by Marie Kraul

Pouline was also the editor of the following books

  • One Man Three Women, a novel by Peter Jorgensen (2010)
  • One does not quarrel on a Mountain, a mountain expedition book by Jette Lind Johansen  (1998)

Grants and Scholarships

The editors grant from Dansk Forfatterforening (The Danish Writers Guild) for revision of a crime novel dealing with religious issues (2015)

The Klitgaarden grant for a two week stay at the artist retreat center Klitgaarden in Skagen, Denmark (2005+2007)

The Hald Hovedgaard grant for a one week stay at the artist retreat center Hald Hovedgaard in Viborg, Denmark (2003+2008)

The acclaimed script writers’ course NorthbyNorthwest (2003)

A 2 year grant from the National Endowment of the Arts Program in Denmark (1999)

A grant from Dansk Kvindesamfund to support the writing of the film script for a feature film called Beauty and the Island about a young girl who deals with an eating disorder. (1998)