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Hermed lidt mere info på engelsk om en meget interessant konference  In 100 Years – Starting Now, som jeg bloggede live fra i januar 2012:

Hardin Tibbs said some very interesting things about the world being at a tipping point where Cultural Creatives will soon form the dominant subculture in society.

For these people sustainability is important; they are less interested in materialistic possessions; they have a new approach to many things in life based on being authentic; and they hold a critical view of large companies who fail to give attention to their more holistic viewpoints.

The traditional mass media mostly ignores this change since the traditional media is the message board for the modernist culture which used to dominate our culture. This indicates that the mass media is not the message medium for the new culture. The internet is. A further sign of this is the crisis that the traditional mass medias is in which acc. to Tibbs is a natural consequence of being the media of a cultural subgroup that is in decline in society, i.e. the modernists.

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